Nowadays each and every device is now evolving into smart devices. Support from smartphones, there are several smart watches which you can choose for yourself. Although if you are searching for the best smartwatches of 2019, then you should read the complete article before purchasing any smartwatch. These smart watches are selected to be the best according to their features, specifications, and pros and cons.

Best Smartwatches of 2019:

These are the best smartwatches of 2019 which are listed according to the specification and rating.

  1. Apple Watch Series 4:

This device is probably the best smartwatch available in the market right now. The smartwatch is having WatchOS 5 which is having walkie talkie features between other smartwatches. You can also use the voice function and even used the music and digital broadcasting using the Apple watch. You will get ECG application in the smartwatch; it uses 30 seconds pulse recording feature.

  • The build quality of the Apple watch series 4 is excellent.
  • The device is having more durability compared to other smartwatches.
  • You can use the functions quickly.
  • This device is expensive compared to other smartwatches with similar features.
  • The device is overrated.
  • The device will lose its smoothness after using it for a long period of time.

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  1. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch:

This smartwatch is having similar build quality compared to Apple watch if even uses several configuration signals from other Apple gadgets. Although the design of the device is quite recognizable, compared to other watches which are not that wearable to wear outside the gym. The device is having a weight of 0.8 ounces, which will feel flight while wearing it. This smartwatch can get connected with the smartphone device GPS, which is useful for tracking your mileage and pace. As it can accurately track that you are running or biking. you don’t even have to keep your smartphone with you in order to calculate the exercise log accurately.

  • The device is very lightweight.
  • The device is having a slim and excellent design.
  • This device is not having inbuilt GPS hardware.
  • The app store of this smartwatch is not having much of the applications compared to other smartwatches.
  • The alerts provided my device is very much limited.

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  1. Apple Watch Series 3:

These Smartphone devices have been 4G LTE and UMTS radio reception, so basically you can stop using your iPhone for sometimes. The application is also have been eSIM support, which is similar to the iPhone. The network from the smartwatches can be used for calling, messaging, using maps and streaming Apple music. You can also use the Bluetooth headphone to get connected with the Apple watch series 3.

  • The screen of the device is much useful compared to other devices.
  • Durable battery life is provided by the device.
  • The price of the device is expensive compared to other devices.
  • There are few reports about the slow loading of the functions in the device.


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