Common SEO Mistakes To Watch For Businesses

By Vaibhav Gurani

There are certain SEO mistakes which are well known among every professional as a warning still business owners are making these mistakes without knowing the impact of it. With each passing day, SEO is becoming more and more complex. The biggest reason why SEO is art is that there are no strict rules to follow to have an optimized SEO website. One has to analyze a lot of things before optimizing a website. It makes it very challenging for all the developers to apply SEO on a website efficiently and effectively.

No doubt your SEO expert would be making their best efforts to optimize your website but if it is not getting the appropriate results then as a business owner, you have to look whether you are not making a mistake. There are many common SEO mistakes that business owners make without knowing the real reason behind it.

  1.   No redirect to the new website during the migration

Yes, one of the biggest mistakes that a business owner does is not redirecting to the new website. During website migration, if you don’t redirect your website, it can impact on the overall ranking of a website. However, redirecting is quite tricky to do. Use 301 and 302 for permanent or temporary redirects respectively.

  1.   Not informing S experts about the major website changes

The second most common mistake that a business owner make is not informing your SEO team about the major website changes. Any changes made on the website directly impact the website ranking as well as the overall SEO performance. Therefore, you should tell your rescue experts about every change that the web developers made on your website.

Like in case if you don’t inform your SEO team about the changes of URL structure then it will impact the direct linking of the website. Therefore, it will leave a direct impact on website ranking, revenue, and traffic. Having an SEO friendly URL enhances the website ranking immediately.

Some of the major website changes that you should inform your SCO team of experts

  1.   Inform your SEO experts about the removal of any particular part from your website.
  2.   Changes made in the URL structure, site structure, user interface and any updating in the content of the website.
  3.   Tell about changes in the functionality of your website.
  4.   Any changes made in primary landing pages of your website.
  5.   Migration of hyperlink from HTTP to HTTPS.

These are some of the major changes that you should inform to SEO team of experts to get a higher ranking, traffic and revenue.

  1.   Lack of quality content

Having a bad quality of content negatively affects the ranking. However quality contents take a lot of hard work as well as time but remember that content is the king of any website so you can’t compromise on the quality of the content if you want a top-ranking website. Use soap notes quality of content that can survive the next Google algorithms.

The content you use should be relevant to your website so people can find what they are looking for else you will have a high Bounce rate at your website which is always a bad sign. Use quality content so that the people arrived at your website will love to read the content on your website and will spend some time on your website.

  1.   Lack of solid strategy

No matter what efforts your SEO team makes, it will inevitably fail if there is no clear road map for it. Consult with the team to make a solid strategy that will work out and we’ll offer you the best results as you want. Set out the objectives and goals regarding SEO, do SEO audits timely, and check the performance of the website timely.

  1.   Having low loading speed

Loading speed is another major factor that can affect the website ranking negatively at a rapid rate. Loading speed doesn’t only e affect the ranking of a website but as well as it enhances the bounce rate of any website. No matter what the issue with your website is whether it is a server error, a faulty code or design, you have to focus on it.

So committing these 5 Obvious SEO Mistakes and Blaming Your SEO Expert is simply not the solution. Now when you have the knowledge go ahead & do the required changes.

By Vaibhav Gurani, who is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in Guest Post, SEO, Paid Marketing. If you are looking for someone who can build a strong reputation for your brand, then this is your man. Vaibhav Gurani is a digital marketing consultant who can skyrocket the growth of your business and help your brand convert potential leads into sales with his unique marketing techniques

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