Blockchain & Digital Identity Management guest post by Patel Nasrullah

Digital identity management systems are facing a lot of threats today. They are honeypots for hackers who are targeting personal data. Often, there are security threats and leaks that subject more than 600 million personal data to risks. However, with current innovation, blockchain technology is transforming the world of digital identity management. Blockchain technology is a new paradigm that helps to enhance data security and prevent identity theft.

Blockchain technology is reliable and is widely used across different industries. It ensures no centralized database is compromised and that no information falls in the wrong hands. This is why many companies that value data safety, organizational reputation and loyalty amongst clients are adopting the use of blockchain technology. This piece focuses on digital identity management with blockchain technology.

— Blockchain in Identity Verification

With advancements in blockchain technology, you no longer have to depend on the old identity verification methods. This includes the use of username and number passwords and old rote combinations. Such methods have compromised data security across different parts of the globe. Remember, hackers are advancing their traits and can create thousands of accounts to hack information. As such passwords may not entirely protect your account.

In this regard, blockchain technology uses multi-factor identity and multi-step identity verification process that has been researched, developed and proven to provide maximum data security. The entire blockchain authentication model and the process is hard to hack. Even though it is still gaining mainstream adoption in different industries, those who have used blockchain development service have benefited from advanced digital identity management security

— Non-Custodial Login Solutions-online Databases

When handling an online database account, it is crucial to ensure the information is not compromised. However, passwords and IT protections are quite sensitive and can leak even in the hands of the most trusted employees. Blockchain technology non-custodian logins is not a central employer entity. It gets rid of a sole credential custodian and replaces such with private and public chains for any login.

The centralized entity, therefore, ensures that the logins are for the real account holders. Hackers cannot acquire login information at ransom because no one holds the central credentials trove.

— Secure Decentralized Web Identities

The internet offers easy and direct connections between different individuals across the globe. This is done through direct messages, file sharing and other networking platforms. Today, you can enjoy efficient communications and reduce the expenses of having to travel miles to complete certain tasks. Such, require valuable information that is shared online when you are shopping or sending important emails.

Third-party mail tracking services means millions of emails are sent every single day. Millions of personal data are shared online. Each year, a lot of emails are hacked putting financial and other valuable data at risk. Blockchain technology, in this case, helps to reduce the access of user identity information by third parties. You or your company can store data, identifiers and credentials on a blockchain which is hard to hack.

Furthermore, there are great frameworks that are being developed to ensure any account is run by the real owner and not third parties. This is particularly important in a world where mobile app development has made it easy for anyone to open a networking or online account for easy communication, online shopping and other internet activities.

— Self-Sovereign Identity

In the past years, people were tied to national identities (nation-tied-identities). However, with the universalization of identities, birth certificates and other forms of identification, you can own personal identity as opposed to being tied to national identity. In certain countries or segments, you can enjoy open borders identification and dual citizenship.

Self-sovereign identity rests on your ability, purpose and aiming at personal identification including national identification, passport and birth certificates among other identifiers as opposed to those being solely issued by a government entity.  Blockchain technology is designed with the ability to tie an individual’s identifiers to current innovations. It is a technology of choice that helps to test the validity of self-sovereign identification.

Blockchain technology makes it easy for governments to solve birth-related controversies.

— Solid Protections for Critical Infrastructure

The need for enhanced security in identity management goes beyond logging in into online accounts. It is beyond turning social security numbers into secured websites and details. Critical infrastructure, grids and power plants rely on password protection. The threat surrounding infrastructure is baffling. There have been several warnings on network infrastructure that could pose major threats to energy grids and power stations. Ignoring these warnings is giving hackers the room to attack with ease.

With blockchain technology, authentication systems are designed to provide more convenience and enhanced security. Therefore, plant and grid experts can gain access to a secure control system through a high level of control. Blockchain, therefore, represents a very clear authentication process that offers the best security. This goes beyond personal and societal security level to the national and global security level. Different mobile app development companies are working with blockchain technology service providers to ensure age verification, open identity and secure web identity solutions for top-notch security.

— Securing the Internet of Things

Smart homes and smart cities are branded and characterized by different features including an interconnected device network. This is thanks to advanced mobile app development services, habits and preferences of such cities. The internet of things was considered a security crisis in 2018 with more targets on sensitive data.

Blockchain technology, therefore, ensures enhanced security for interconnected devices. It ensures the data created by the internet of things more secure or lock tight free of manipulation and unauthorized access.

Blockchain technology simply takes digital identity management to a higher level. It is decentralized for better, quality and safe digital customer base.

Author – Bio

Patel Nasrullah is a Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading Top mobile application development companies in the USA in 2011 which provides Blockchain app development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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