Apple launched three iPhones last week and keeping in mind last year’s trends iPhone 11 was expected to be the most in-demand handset. This is because of the worldwide success of its predecessor — iPhone XR — that was recently proclaimed as the world’s most popular handset by IHS Markit. However, a new report by Wedbush has come forward that suggest that the small screen variant of the Pro iPhones — iPhone 11 Pro — is gaining traction in the US. The Wedbush note also includes the storage and colour variants that can be considered voguish.

“In the US, pre-order activity continues to look robust thus far with particular order strength on some variants of the 256G iPhone 11 Pro as well as Space Gray and Gold colors with certain models/carriers.”

The Wedbush note also claims that more crowd is likely to hit the Apple Stores to get their hands on the 2019 lineup as around 300 million existing iPhone users did not move to newer models in more than three years. “With the official launch this Friday with phones hitting the shelves around the world, we expect lines at the flagship stores to exceed the last two releases as roughly 1/3 of the 900 million iPhone users globally have not upgraded their smartphones in more than 3 years and we are modeling many will upgrade to iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro this time around.”

Wedbush expects Apple to exceed the original expectations of 70 million units and suggest that the sale may cross 75 million target. “With Cook ready to kick off the launch Friday, despite all the perceived black clouds from being the poster child of the current US/ China trade tensions, Apple is seeing a very strong iPhone 11 launch trajectory and defying many skeptics that have been yelling fire in a crowded theater over the past few months,” added the report.


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